Family Christmas Portrait I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I became a Christian at the age of 18. It has been 40 years since then. I immigrated to Portland Oregon of the United States in 1998 with my wife and my two children. I used to be a school teacher in Hong Kong. Before my immigration I wrote a series of 9 books entitled 'Lively English Series'. In the United States I had worked as a Mental Health Social Worker and a Nursing Home Social Worker before I started taking seminary education at the Western Seminary. I had been serving in the Chinese Evangelical Presbyterian Church as a preacher/pastor for seven years from 2009-2016. During these 7 years I had had valuable opportunities to organize the thoughts of my faith. The articles that I have written and the sermons I have presented have consolidated my faith and the direction of life ahead of me. After I left the Chinese Presbyterian Church I became a facility chaplain under the umbrella of Evangelical Presbyterian Church. Now I counsel mental patients full time and preach at churches of different denominations. I hope I can share what I have learned with my relatives and friends and students through this website. May God help us encourage one another and remind one another of His Word. Your responses and sharing will be much appreciated. You are welcome to google search (Dennis Oi Kuen Yeung) and (EPC Pacific Northwest Chaplain) and to verify the above mentioned information. My email address is:

-Dennis Yeung